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Money Is Ruling In Kali Yuga

Money Is Ruling In Kali Yuga

Recorded on: 7 Sep 2013

Satsang from Duga Uvala, HR.

Unfortunately for some people in present days, hunting is a kind of sport. Indeed, it is a shame for the sport. Humans should be protectors not destroyers. When the fence eats the crop of the field, for what the fence is there? When the bodyguard kills those who he should protect, for what the bodyguard is there? When sport kills animals, it is not ethical. Humans understood what God is and recognized Him. Life is nothing without God, He is in your heart and in your spiritual thoughts. In Kali Yuga humans do not have enough discipline. Kali Yuga has lack of spirituality and lack of mercy. Saint Tulsidas said in Ramayana- in Kali Yuga is only one hope-the name of God, prayer, mantra, kirtan, puja.While repeating the name of God, we are able to cross the ocean of Maya. Finally, we have to surrender and to ask for His help.

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