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The hatha yogi wants to live a long and healthy life

The hatha yogi wants to live a long and healthy life

Recorded on: 12 Jul 2018

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji on the topic of Hatha Yoga from Summer Yoga Camp, Vep, Hungary.

Babul and Neem are very useful in many cases of improving health. Neem powder helps to cure the wounds of the body, especially if someone is old. Vishwaguruji explains how to use herbs and plants for better health. Hatha yogi wants to have a long and healthy life. Nauli is a Hatha Yoga Kriya, keeps digestion and solar plexus active and healthy. If you practice nauli and agnisar kriya, you will not develop diabetes. Avoid consuming junk food, be a Hatha Yogi.

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