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How a hatha yogi can reach the aim of yoga

How a hatha yogi can reach the aim of yoga

Recorded on: 9 Jul 2018

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep, Hungary.

Space is not made by anyone. Everything is in the space. Space is eternal. There is consciousness in it. They are in oneness. Yoga is that force what uniting and balancing these two things. The aim of the yoga is that the Atma find the Paramatma. Hatha yoga needs discipline. To become a Guru is very rare. The lion, the good son and the hatha yogi go his own path. Always go in a clear way. You need a solid decision to find your path. Hatha yogi first needs purification. If you touch someone the two energy is merging. Protection is in protection. High society is the satsang. Vegetables have a higher price than meat. Organic food is too expensive. Don't change always.

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