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Where can we find God?

Where can we find God?

Recorded on: 19 Feb 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

What is the cause of our soul to travel from one life to the other one? The soul is one. Fire is a fire, light is light. The soul is the same in every creature. The quality is different. We have to come to the oneness. We believe in God but we have not seen. God is in you. Kundalini is what leads you to realize God in yourself. We feel duality and we suffer from it. We clean our soul with practice. Creatures are dividing to three parts living in the water living in the earth living in the air. In our body we have different energies, all are coming from our soul. To touch the earth with our sole is very healthful. We can clean our blood with practising pranayama correctly.

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