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We have to become one

We have to become one

Recorded on: 13 Mar 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Auckland, New Zealand.

There are many things in the space. We should stop our attachment. Great yogis do not attach to anything and to anybody. Break from the attachment and join to God. Nothing is mine. Explanation of bhadzsan Chidananda Rupam Sivoham Sivoham. Sometimes we can not understand wisdom. Shiva means only space. He is everywhere in everything and nowhere. Explanation of bhadzsan Ragupati Raghava Raj Ram. One in all and all in one. Explanation of bhadzsan Sabda Sanehi Mhari Jatra. A story or a poem can help you to understand knowledge. The knowledge what we have we should understand, realize and give further. Chakras are the major stations in our body. The Earth connected to the Sun. The system of elements and chakras in our body.

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