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We should believe in God

We should believe in God

Recorded on: 7 Apr 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Alexandria, USA.

There are four types of the soul to enter the body of a creature. Human has the chance to reach oneness. What is the sense that the soul came to this body? We should stop our bad habits. A story of a king and a goat with a full stomach. We should protect all other creatures. Our soul should merge into the cosmic self. We are all one. God has no form but we do believe that God is within us. When problems come you will feel that God is with you. There are two kinds of incarnation nimit and nitya avatars. Five Pandavas came like incarnation. The story about Krishna and Kunti. Saints have always a very hard life. Story of Krishna's birth. Story of Vishnu and a rishi.

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