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How universe reflects in the human body

How universe reflects in the human body

Recorded on: 3 Apr 2019

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Garrison, NY, USA.

The roots of our nerves and glands are in our foot soles. The energy of the Sun arrives directly to the earth. Go every day for some minutes on the earth without shoes and socks. Moon has silver nature. Islam people do their prayer always turning towards the Moon. Anahata chakra is like the horizon. Sometimes we see something on the horizon which is not in that. The first element is the space. The sound of the Sun is AUM. Siva is the creator, the protector and the liberator. Animals have ignorance but the same Atma as humans. The soul has no gender. Visnu is the protector of all the universe. Brahma was the creator. Certain spices can save our body from deceases. The spices have its quantity

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