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Our duty to have a devotion

Our duty to have a devotion

Recorded on: 2 Jun 2019

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from weekend Yoga Seminar in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Our yoga system belongs to Alakhpuriji. From the Satja Yuga time till Devpurijis time we do not know. Shadwi Shanti found the place where Alakhpuriji and Drvpuriji had lived. Explanation of bhajan I will be thine always. Our Masters are always within us. What devotion you have that will be our success. The story about Swami Vivekananda and a woman who made a picture from him. Swami Yogesh is the OM Ashram himself. To become a Sanyas means complete renunciation and no attachment at all. Whatever we do we should do very clear. We should save the clarity of our natural environment. Five elements are in our soul and when we die the elements in us separate and reunite their original elements. The story about WishWaguruji's luggage in the airport. The story about the recycling water in the aeroplane. After death, some prana remains for a while.

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