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Where and how the kundalini starts to rise up

Where and how the kundalini starts to rise up

Recorded on: 29 Jun 2019

Evening satsang from Yoga Summer retreat in Vep, Hungary.

There are different kinds of love. In this world everything is round. Our life is also round coming and going. Four nadis are important among the 72000. Our roots are in the navel. Yoga anatomy and medical anatomy are different. At the bottom of the spine, there is a border between animal and men. Muladhara chakra is balanced by Ganesha. White elephant means big luck. Shiva balanced the fighting of devas and rakshasas. Now we churning the ocean for oil and gas. There are some medicines what we have to get every day. Everything is medicine. Many people can not cook. Petals are express the energy of the chakra. The four petals of muladhara symbolize the for yugas. When we say OM there is no vibration in the navel

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