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Gurupurnima webcast from Vep

Gurupurnima webcast from Vep

Recorded on: 30 Jun 2019

Morning satsang from Yoga Summer Retreat from Vep, Hungary.

In meditation, we want to find our own Atma. Ceremonies many times happen with water. Sanathana dharma gives everyone freedom. We worship the light and the earth. Respect that things also you do not like. We worship the holy feet of Gurudev. The light the knowledge is in the finders and nails of Gurudev. You have many Gurus in your life. The main Guru is a university professor. The story of a girl who was to marry. Finally, Satagurudev who has parampara gives the blessing. All creatures and trees and rivers are Sanathana Dharma so there is no fight in it. When the first sunray touched the earth that day was the first Gurupurnima. The story of a king and his son.

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