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How could we live a happy life

How could we live a happy life

Recorded on: 2 Jul 2019

Morning satsang from Yoga Summer Retreat from Vep, Hungary.

Logo and uniform are important. Our colour is a golden, colour of Ganesha and Krishna too. Yoga practising and meditation will change the new generation in the world. The wold needs to love no war. Mantras destroy many illnesses. All religion is a sector. Gayatri mantra is very good to chains when the sun is rising. In Asia girls praying with her mother for a good husband. Beauty is in the heart and in the soul. Many nerves and many bones disappear during our life. The prana is energy, it is God. If zótgere is prana in the body there is life also. We should not destroy the prana of the animals. Not easy to go away from the human body. The graveyard is a very holy place.

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