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What are we thinking about our being?

What are we thinking about our being?

Recorded on: 15 Nov 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Martin, Slovakia.

Our thoughts are coming from desires. Our soul is going up and down according to our life situations. Day by day we are thinking different and our time is going. Technology is also the creation of God. Yogic thoughts and technics are going through everyone. At Ramajana time there was also aeroplane. We are not enough disciplined with our body. Our world is built up of five elements. We have our own universe. Atma is your president. We are the king of our body and indriyas are the people. You are the light in this dark Kali Yuga. Time was and will come when we can speak to each other without an electronic instrument. We are not sure that next life we will be human again. Real yoga technic we can get only from Gurudev.

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