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Eternal journey

Eternal journey

Recorded on: 29 Feb 2020

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Brisbane, Australia.

A tiny sandfly and an elephant has the same soul. Earth is a mother. In the elements, there is also God. God can also manifest with the five elements. Life has many forms. Where is our soul in the body? Onion has many layers and at the and there is nothing. There are four kinds of animals. Human has a brain but it needs to train. In our body, there are centres of earth vegetation and animals too. 90 minutes before sunrise is the most valuable time of the day. There is a human and a divine part of our body also. There are 10 senses in us. We should take care of our body. Purify your body in every way. The centre of our body is the navel. Do not cause pain for other creatures.

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