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Eternal journey within orselves

Eternal journey within orselves

Recorded on: 4 Mar 2020

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Raumati Beach Ashram, New Zealand.

What is the highest for you? What is the dearest for your heart? Who is taking care of us? We can not get everything that we want from yoga with only asanas and pranayama. Nowadays partnership is not for the end of life. The story about the Indian wedding ceremony. Chakras are everywhere in the body. There are signing lines in our foot soles and on our palms. The story about a king Oidepus who married his mother. We are half women and half men. Living near cows and hoses can heal us from allergy. Chakras in our body have a different nature. Human chakras have their symbols which are not easy to understand completely. Wife and husband should worship each other. In India, people see each other as their mother father sister daughter and son. Sanskrit alphabet has the resonance of the cosmic. We are the cosmos everything there is in ourselves.

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