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Purify your all elements

Purify your all elements

Recorded on: 5 Mar 2020

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington Ashram, New Zealand.

It is time to have more spiritual thoughts. God is eternal everywhere. Water is life. There are three kinds of living creatures. God is life. The story about a master and the two men who want to be disciples. We should practise our mantra continuously. One in all and all in one. God is always within us. God gave life to the creatures. We need all five elements of life. Mother's feeling for their child comes from God. After death, the jiva is searching and choose his next life according to his karma. Fire can not live without water. We respect the fire. Natural smells give purification to our mind. Nature has respect to nature. After death, the elements from the body go to their origin. Yoga is not competition. The body is mortal but our inner being is immortal. There is five forms in which you can practice your mantra.

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