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We should have God in our heart

We should have God in our heart

Recorded on: 9 Mar 2020

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Auckland, New Zealand.

That is very good if the speaker speaks by heart and not read what he wants to tell. There is a different culture in every country. Some tradition is changing because of the coronavirus. The joke about a Pop the devotees and a feather. The story about two brothers who had a different way to Sive. We can learn much more from some stories than lectures only. There are many ways how people greeting each other in different countries. The story about an old Indian couple who were died during a very short time after each other. The story about Sive and Shakti who died in a fire ceremony and her body was sliced into 52 pieces. The story about Parvati and Nanda Devi who was the disciple of Alakhpuriji. The story about Sive and Parvati who want to get the immortality and a parrot.

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