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We should colour our heart as clean as the sky

We should colour our heart as clean as the sky

Recorded on: 22 Jul 2020

Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

We are a little part of the clean blue sky where is no spot. Every creature wants to be happy so they want to go back to their origin. There is a big temple in South India where there are many doors which are locked. We don't know what is behind them. We should clean ourselves from bad qualities to reach the blue sky. There are some more and more gentle layers in the upper world. The story about Devpuriji when he visited in Mahaprabuji's ashram. The story about Devpuriji visiting at Guruji. We should colour our heart as clean as the blue sky. There are three levels of our existence awaken, sleeping and dreaming. Guru means teacher in Europe. There are many Gurus who teach different things. In yoga, the real Guru parampara give permission for you like a stamp in passport.

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