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How to practise mantra and kriya

How to practise mantra and kriya

Recorded on: 20 Aug 2020

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Our Gurudevas give a lot of protection for us and we give devotion to them. Thanks for the modern technic we can see Holiguruji as he would be here. We are different but the quality is coming out. The story about a very clever man who was fear of something. Mantra means that our mind should be happy. We should know the levels of mantra practising. Our mantra is not a secret. The first level is writing the second is pronouncing. The third is mansik when we pronounce the mantra in our mind. Fourth is udasi where there is no movement of the tongue and no sound. The fifth level is ajapa which is complete. There are many kriyas. We should learn the chakras positions and reflections. If you stop kriya practising you lost everything. The original tantra is good but in Europe somehow it spoiled.

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