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How and where can we find God?

How and where can we find God?

Recorded on: 28 Sep 2020

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Slovenska vas, Slovenia.

There are two kinds of knowledge worldly and spiritual. In Sanathana Dharma there is a living Guru. There is God in every creature. There are five elements in our body as far as five koshas. Yoga is the science of humans. In our body, there are the five elements and when our life is finished they go back to there origin. There are three Gods Siva Visnu and Brahma but Guru is the highest. We should realize our Guru in us. There are two rivers Alakananda and Bagirat and there were two risis also. Where the two rivers unite they become Ganga. We changed the seeds of the plants and so they are not living seeds and this is wrong. Yoga helps us to control ourselves. We should keep our food healthy. God gave everything to human in a box but we can not open the lock. Slovenian song for para Olympic players and two others.

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