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Guru is eternal

Guru is eternal

Recorded on: 1 Oct 2020

Evening satsang from Vienna, Guruji Ashram.

Shiva and Vishnu come many times and between them, there is Brahma who is the creator. The Guru is eternal. We can be the messenger of the Guru. Shiva was the first but before him, there were the five elements. There was shakti also hiden in Shiva. So Shiva has two kinds of energy. The story of a Guru who made a king from a man and explained to him what is the mission of a good king. We are the children of the seven rishis who were created by Brahma. Vishwaguruji belongs to the lineage of Gargacarya who made the wedding ceremony of Siva and Parvati. There is no jealousy between Gurus. Seven akharas are originated from seven rishis. Australian inhabitants are originated from India. By practising yoga technics we looking for who are we.

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