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Past present and future

Past present and future

Recorded on: 31 Dec 2020

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Swami Niranjan who is living in India speaks about the challenges of the passing year. We should change our thinking and lifestyle. We should follow the principles of Sanathana Dharma. We are lucky to have a very good example who is Viswaguruji. Our life is not the aim but it is a journey. Swami Umapuri shares her experiences about the passing year. She speaks about the importance of seva and helping for all. She speaks about what ahimsa means for her. Viswaguruji tells that in ancient times Jyotish could predict the exact date and place of an earthquake. Nowadays some people even animals also have that inner knowledge but they don't tell. Svara yoga helps us to feel and predict the future. The time before sunrise is very valuable. Many animals are awakening before sunrise. Viswaguruji tells how a yoga nidra is going on and what is the real yoga nidra.

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