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Follow your human dharma

Follow your human dharma

Recorded on: 13 Feb 2021

Evening Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

We are between good and bad between dharma and adharma. We shouldn't kill anyone otherwise we get negative karma. We should feel the suffering of the animals also. We have human dharma to go the God'.s path. God is in our hearts and protects us. Human has many things to eat without killing anyone. Animals can not pray to God they have no power. Cows are tortured very much during traveling in a truck. Eggs of the birds are also not for eating. We should help each other. God is in everybody in every life. If somebody dies elements go back to their origin. Our jiva is also a drop in the ocean. Yoga practice helps to remove the problróems from our body. Vegetarian people also die but have not lost their minds. We shouldn't destroy our lungs with smoking. Pranayama gives our lungs good health. The story about an Indian man who was in samadhi for long years. Vishwaguruji demonstrates how to play some musical instruments.

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