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The sound of Bhramari is always with us

The sound of Bhramari is always with us

Recorded on: 16 Feb 2021

Evening Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Sounds are beyond that what we can understand. Parabrahma is the sound. In all our tattvas there is the resonance. There are five principles Siva Vishnu Sarasvati Brahma and the Guru. Guru is the resonance of the oneness. Sound creates the form of the universe. The sound of bhramari is going high to the Cosmic. Brahmari pranayam can purify us with its resonance. The vibration of bhramari remains with us after death also. Singing is also bhramari. Do not collect too many things in the end you will lose everything. When we die we should release everything. The story about Vishwaguruji's and a very old sadhu in Fiji. Life eats life but humans Shouldn't because there is God in them. The story about an old vegetarian lady who ate tomatoes and became very ill. Explanation of a part of a bhajan Sadhana Chara.

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