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Try to live in a natural way

Try to live in a natural way

Recorded on: 20 Feb 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Alakhpuriji's energy from the Satya Yuga is there in the Strilky Ashram so it is a holy place a Sattwa Ashram. Many people come here from different parts of the world to have a yogic time and to get a blessing. Many spiritual people and bhaktas came from a very far distance to the Bari Khatu Ashram where Mahaprabhuji lived for a long time. Holiguruji many times travelling through India to bring Mahaprabuji's blessing to the people. Never think that you are a Guru show always respect towards your Master. Drinking tea and coffee regularly cause many health problems. Drink milk as fresh as possible or water. Here in Europe, our meals become more and more unnatural so it is many illnesses. We shouldn't eat between meals. European people don't use their holiday properly. Nowadays families come together again because of Coronavirus. Yoga in daily life helps to keep us healthy. Eat only if you are really hungry. Housepets

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