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Guru is only one

Guru is only one

Recorded on: 14 Mar 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.

Maha Shivaratri was worshipped by many people in the whole world and in many Yoga in Daily Life Ashrams also. Yoga in daily life people who are vegetarian and practising yoga they are healthy from corona or if they get this decease it is not heavy for them. Practising mantra is important it is like a seed. We should have only one Guru as we have only one mother. There is a Guru in the mantra. There are many religions but after death, there is only one channel to go. All living life is the same as every drop of water. Swami Phul Puri finished his study in the university and spoke some words about his life feelings and experiences.

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