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We are a part of God

We are a part of God

Recorded on: 14 Jun 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Slovenska vas, Slovenia.

Bhajan singing. There are many yoga systems in the world but yoga is one. Yoga is originated from Siva who gave 84 yoga postures. We should learn to move the prana with pranayama. We should practise yoga lifelong. We can reach the Cosmic the Supreme. There are two parts one is in the schools going higher and higher and the other is for the yogis who are analyzing themselves. Our limitation is our body. There are two kinds of God one is in the haven and the second we are who live. Our ancestors gave npart of their energy to the next generation and so on. Your soul in you is your God. Animals eat animals so their souls are mixing. But the man shouldn't do that. It is not sure that er meet in our next life again with Vishwaguruji. We should remember every morning that we are human.

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