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Atma is one and body is different

Atma is one and body is different

Recorded on: 16 Jun 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Yoga is for all. All yogas have the same root the same origin. A Guru has special knowledge and energy if he has disciples or not. Every yoga centre is good. The name is very important and we should hold that. Can you see God when your eyes are closed? A drop of water can be circling from the ocean back to the ocean like we who are originated from God and go back to him. We all are God because we all have the essence of God only the body is different. We should search within ourselves and we got. If you are a human you can awaken as a God. After our death the better to burn our body so the soul can go further. In ancient time only great yogis and rishis can speak to each other for far distance. Nowadays everybody can do it with his mobile.

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