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What Guru Purnima means?

What Guru Purnima means?

Recorded on: 7 Jul 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Guru is above Brahma Visnu and Siva. They also fall down before the Guru. we all are disciples and try to go to the path of the Guru. Guru is who gives us some knowledge. A satguru never tells himself that he is satguru. The real Guru is above God. As long as we are in our physical body we should surrender to God. Holiguruji gave a duty to Vishwaguruji to give everything to everybody and help them if they come to him. Vishwaguruji is equally for all of us. We have to respect and help all swamis. Everyone can become sanyas but from that time they have to be out of the family should work and practise and follow the Gurus instructions. If you are a sanyas you should respect your special dress which is a symbol. An orange dress is like skin. Gurupurnima is a completely full moon. Satguru is that Guru who passed away. Stick is also a symbol. On Gurupurnima day every disciple should worship their Guru. Mahaprabhuji's stat

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