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Sadhana Guru seva and Guru kripa

Sadhana Guru seva and Guru kripa

Recorded on: 1 Aug 2021

Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Practising Kryja Anusthan is the best path to reach Brahma Loka. The first thing is Guru seva sadhanas come after. It is not only for sanyasis. Not the colour of the dress makes the sanyas. We can get the food as the result of the work of farmers. Farmers who are working the whole day and speaking mantras are very great. In a family husband and wife work very much for each other and their children. In ancient times people were more simple but more healthy and holy. Nowadays the earth and the waters are polluted very much. Touch the earth or a tree for a short time to become more healthy. Feel the strength of nature. Only some people could do very disciplined the hard serious sadhana. In some yoga centres, there is very disciplined sadhana people do there. We got very very much from Vishwaguruji through this sadhana. Our karma yogis are working from their hearts. There are many times wawes in our body and we can calm

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