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We should see God in everything

We should see God in everything

Recorded on: 27 Jul 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Mantra can purify us completely. There are many purification ceremonies in every religion. The story of some young boys who don't want to marry. In India, many young girls are praying for a banyan tree To give them a good husband. Jyotish tells us who is the good wife or husband for us. Nowadays nobody should give money for marriage in India. Live in peace if you don't get a good husband or wife don't suffer you will get it in your next life. Husband and wife protect each other. We should serve our parents and they love us till the end of their life. The story of a family where the grandfather died and then came back as a dead body. Our ancestors are like gods to us. We have God in our hearts and we should open it. Never kill animals but give them love and freedom.

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