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We should also be clean inside

We should also be clean inside

Recorded on: 27 Aug 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Strilky Ashram is very good place to practise spiritual sadhana. A jiva many times comes and goes, again and again. Every creature has the same atma. In the end, our atma arrives to God like a drop of water to the ocean. The story of a rakshasa (demon) who got a siddhi (special ability) from Shiva to burn anybody with his hand. God also burns up all negative qualities. God's light reaches everywhere. Those who are separated sooner or later will split. Dirty water is going out of the Ganga. Water is powerful. A bathe in the Alakhananda River cleanses us from all our negative qualities, thoughts and feelings. After that, if we are negative, it's like the dust coming to us again. We can clean ourselves with our breath.

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