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Good Health and Peace

Good Health and Peace

Recorded on: 8 Sep 2021

Good Health and Peace in Covid-19 Times through the system Yoga in Daily Life.

Scientific conference on health aspects of yoga for covid-19 organized by Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council, held at KC Semilasso, Brno, Czech Republic. When man is able to recognise what God is and is able to recognise the value of human life, then he will no longer take the lives of others. Today yoga is present all over the world. The practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life are vegetarians and only a few of them have been attacked by the coronavirus. The water is the same in the small raindrop and in the river. The Soul will pass through the same door after death, according to the way we act now. Love and protect, do not kill. This is the real yoga.

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