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We can achieve the Paramatma

We can achieve the Paramatma

Recorded on: 17 Sep 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Budapest, Hungary.

Vishwaguruji remembered those times when he was in Hungary. He remembered those days when the coronavirus began to attack. Covid attacks only humans. All creatures pleaded with God to do something because humans are very cruel to them. A drop of water goes from the ocean to the clouds but in the end, it goes back to the ocean. Only the body can be burned not the Atma. We destroy the earth by mining, so there is no balance. We have to clean ourselves. If we practise regularly and follow the words of the Guru can realise the Paramatma. 'I am' is a limiting thing because it is ego. Sannyasis cannot run away and cannot give up. The story of Nandadevi and the tiger.

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