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We have to become united in Oneness

We have to become united in Oneness

Recorded on: 20 Sep 2021

Evening program with Vishwaguruji from Szeged, Hungary.

We have our destiny in which it is written when and where we are. The story of a boat in the ocean and a bird. It is in our fate that we want to reach God. We are like a bird coming and going. Life is only temporary. Every living creature has its fate and life. Become one with all. At the end, a drop of water arrives at the ocean and becomes one with it. When we die, our soul goes from the body, which is like a stone falling down. Some of us go towards the pure Light and others come back again. There is only one door when we leave our bodies. Nowadays children don't accept the advice of their parents. Don't kill anyone and don't speak negative words. Practising AUM chanting, bhramari pranayama and some simple asanas.

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