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We got the energy of our parampara

We got the energy of our parampara

Recorded on: 1 Oct 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Satsang is the life of the human and it will lead us to the cosmic. Alakhpuriji was at the Siva time when the world was balanced between negative and positive. We need regularly meditate, practice pranayama and be in the company of good people otherwise we lose our spirituality. We can develop only step by step in this path. Many of us visited Alakhpurijis and Devpurijis cave to have darshan. Holiguruji had written in one bhajan that Mahaprabujis wisdom will spread all over the world before it happened. Now we can use it or lose it. The story of Devpurijis visit to Holiguruji. The story of Mahaprabhuji and Vishwaguruji with rudraksh malas. Another story of Vishwaguruji and Mahaprabhuji in the forest. Vishwaguruji had three visions of Alakhpuriji. The story of Nanda Devi and the tiger. We also got the power of the Gurus of our parampara. Practising ashwini mudra, Om chanting and bhramari pranayama .

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