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We should have roots

We should have roots

Recorded on: 2 Oct 2021

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

The technics taught by Vishwaguruji we should practise continuously. Always we have to give furthermore. Yoga should be taught in universities by yogis. There are 3 universities in India where there is teaching yoga. But there are many great different yoga centres yoga schools and Gurus and their traditions also. But in many universities teachers don't know about real yoga. We should have roots in the world and in yoga too. In universities, many things are destroyed in yoga. Nowadays families don't function as good as in the older times. Our root is in Alakhpuriji. The 84 original asanas are coming from the animals and from nature. After death, the soul goes very quickly out from the body and try to go back to its origin. We don't know where and when we will come back again. A drop of water goes from the ocean and after a long time, it goes back there again. Yoga is a science but only our practising can bring us to the supre

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