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Remain in the boat

Remain in the boat

Recorded on: 15 Dec 2021

Evening satsang from Jaipur Ashram, Rajasthan, India.

Bhajan singing. The story of a bird who was travelling in a boat in the ocean. Humans are also in a symbolic boat to cross the ocean of life. Sometimes people also lost that boat and don't know what to do. Only Gurudev can bring us to the shore. Every Guru is very good but we should have only one who will lead us to God. Have we ever seen God? Our God is in our heart which is our Atma. Remain where you are. During meditation as we can go deeper and deeper in ourselves, we are closer and closer to God. Practising one-minute meditation to reach our hearts. Every morning we should be thankful that we were born as a human and show respect to our Earth and water. We shouldn't kill any creatures. Mala is very important. Explanation of the influence of bhramari pranayama.

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