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The master and his disciple are one

The master and his disciple are one

Recorded on: 27 Dec 2021

Evening satsang from Jaipur Ashram, Rajasthan, India.

Alakhpuriji is the light of Siva. Mahaprabhuji is the light of the sun. The story how Vishwaguruji became sanyas and how he began his sanyas lefe with Guruji. Vishwaguruji tells some of his visions of Mahaprabhuji in Viena. He tells Holiguruji's vision of Sri Devpuriji in India. Guru and disciple should become one. Mother and father and their child are also one. The story of how a bhramari makes the worm to bhramari too. Practising bhramari pranayama with different positions of the hands. Concentration on the effects of bhramari pranayama.

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