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Memories of our Masters take us to the cosmic light

Memories of our Masters take us to the cosmic light

Recorded on: 29 Jan 2022

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Strilky, Czech Republic.

There are many beautiful creatures in this world and there is a divine atma in all. Holiguruji day and night practised with his mala. Nowadays his mala is in the Ashram od Vishwaguruji. He also used a pot for eating what was from Mahaprabhuji. Holiguruji collected and gave further the sand from that place where Mahaprabhuji was walking. He gave it to Vishwaguruji also to express that they are with him and also he gave Mahaprabhuji's shoes to Vishwaguruji. Vishwaguruji also got the stick of Mahaprabhuji. Holiguruji gave many other belongings of Mahaprabhuji to Vishwaguruji. The story of Mahaprabhuji's bed to get to Vishwaguruji.

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