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Be peaceful and harmonious

Be peaceful and harmonious

Recorded on: 3 Mar 2022

Evening satsang with Visheaguruji from Linz, Austria.

On Christmas day we feel love and be together with our family and forgive each other. We feel the resonance of beautiful songs and feel we are humans. Sometimes animals also come together. Birds can make a very good nest for themselves. The story of a bird and a monkey. Humans have everything to be in peace and harmony. Great saints never ate meat. Sun and Moon is for all. The love of a mother is very strong. Slowly we grow up from a child to a human. After we wake up in the morning we should give our respect to the earth and the water. All great saints have gone but their names remain here. We are very little but we are in everyone. If you have a child he or she should be like God. Sun can purify everything.

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