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Just go ahead

Just go ahead

Recorded on: 18 Jun 2022

Morning program from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Life eats life. There are many creatures living in the water on the earth and in the air. There are many living beings everywhere. Humans shouldn't kill and eat animals according to their dharma. The story of Buddha and how he received bhiksa. Buddhist people eat only good pure food. Water is life. There is no life without love. There are many very good people but Gurus are very rare. Muslim people are very good they are practising very strictly and faithfully. The story of Hoiigurujis and Vihwagurujis visit at Sankaracharya. Yoga in Daily Life people practised very well during corona time. It can be a female Guru also. A great sadhu keeps every child of God in his heart. Bhajan singing.

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