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Gurudev bring us haven to haven

Gurudev bring us haven to haven

Recorded on: 20 Aug 2022

Evening satsang with Vishwaugurji from Vep, Hungary.

There are different kinds of Bhranaris. You should get the Bhramari from a real Guru. The forms of the bhramaris are also different. Many of them byte us. Our original Guru is Alakhpuriji. The story of Devpuriji's horse. The real Guru is divine he is above all Gods. Other Gurus are teachers who teach us something. After death, we go from the body. The body will die and we go further. There is no distance between males and females. We need bhakti and Guru kripa. Gurudev brings us to the haven. We concentrate on our heart and our navel then comes bhramari and concentration on our breath. The best language is sanskrit to balance our minds.

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