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Marriage has its proper time and order

Marriage has its proper time and order

Recorded on: 17 Sep 2022

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sydney Ashram, Australia.

Bhajan singing and explanation. Swami Jasraj Puri introduces our Masters and our parampara and their Ashrams and that territory of India. Indian people know many bhajans. There are many languages in India. Everything has its proper time to do. Marriage also has its proper time. In India, a boy and a girl should marry only if the family and a pandit also agreed with that. If you married in a church you should be faithful your whole life to your partner. Nowadays many people leave their partner and it brings many problems for children. The story of a boy and a girl who loved each other but they had a problem with the bread. Practising some simple exercises and bhramari pranayama.

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