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We have to go on that path

We have to go on that path

Recorded on: 14 Sep 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Himalaya.

Sri Alakhpuriji Cave. Here is the place of peace and happiness. Alakhpuriji has given us his carana amrit. Bhagirati's disciple was Ganga and Alakhpuriji's disciple was Nanda Devi. Singing and explanation of bhajan or arati Sri Guru Atma Paramatma. Alakh means we can not write we can not speak about. In reality, Alakhpuruji created this arati through Sivanandji and he brought it to us Vishwaguruji. We have to follow Alkhpuriji's path with concentration. This path drives us to Brahma Loka. We are those souls who can give this blessing and energy. Singing bhajan Sabda Sanehi Mhari Jatra, Guru carano me, Manv Dhire Dhire and Sataguru Satasangi.

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