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Our life is a chance

Our life is a chance

Recorded on: 18 Sep 2019

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Badrinath, Hiamalaya, India.

Svargaloka is the Heaven Narakaloka is the Hell. Brahmaloka is above them. Every creatures knows what is God. Animals also feel the dawn and the sunset. Human is the most cruel creature of the world. Earth is the planet where Gods can manifestate themselves. Vishwakarman created the hunger so that creatures began to move. Vishwaguruji and other persons could go to Alakhpuriji's cave with the help of some mules. The story of Vishwaguruji and an old sadhu in Fiji. We eat many animals during our life causing them strong pain. Everybody can get libration but when? According to our karma we can be born like some creature. Our soul is the king of our body.

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