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At the roots of our Parampara

At the roots of our Parampara

Recorded on: 15 Sep 2019

Evening satsang from Himalaya.

Swami Dyaneswarpuri said that we should use our name Yoga in Daily Lide otherwise somebody else will do it. It is a big oportunity to visit in Badrinath with Vishwaguruji which is a very importana pilgrimage place in India. Sadwi shanti has felt love for her childhood towards mountens. She speaks about her journey in the Himalayas. She many times came back there and feel like her home. She tells her experiences in Sri Devpuriji's cave. Vishwaguruji's family had a brass plate which was special. There is difference between piano and harmonium. There are different customs when a girl or a boy is born in a willage. Vishwaguruji tells some stories from his childhood. Vishwaguruji has a rishi parampara in his family. Ravana was lerned but he has ego and desire. The story of Ravana and Vidhata Ravanas daughter and her husband. Furudev can change zhe desteny. Guru and disciple is one. In India there is living God. The story of Guruji and one of his discipe who w

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