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We have to make our food

We have to make our food

Recorded on: 24 Mar 2023

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jogacentrum, Levoca, Slovakia.

There was a time when people couldn't come to yoga but now again everybody can come. But yoga people practised during the hard times and now also. Yoga In Daily Life is in many countries and many people practise Yoga in Daily Life. These people don't eat meat and don't drink alcohol. So people can become purer and purer. Nowadays many young people who become vegan don't eat any products by animals. We got vaccination against corona but unfortunately it has bad consequences also. Vishwaguruji also feels some of them. People want to eat insects and other little animals as an ingredient in many kinds of meals. So it will be killed many animals. These bad things first of all destroy our brains. A sad story of an Austrian family. Bhajan singing.

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