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If you want to go to God don't eat meat

If you want to go to God don't eat meat

Recorded on: 25 Mar 2023

Public lecture with Vishwaguruji from Hotel Tatra, Poprad, Slovakia.

Some people oave been with Vishwaguruji for very long years. Many yoga centres and yoga practitioners are in Slovakia. And there are very many yoga centres in many countries all over the world. There are many kinds of life in the world that eat each other. Humans shouldn't eat meat because we are at a higher level. The story of some people who observed the cows. They were very sad to see what happened to some calves. So they became vegan. If we follow Siva we go to the haven but if we eat meat we come back here. If we eat meat our brain goes wrong. From the time when Vishwaguruji first time came to Europe there are 5 generations don't eat meat. Don't eat meat is also very good for our health. We can be pure if we don't eat meat. Sadhus also don't eat meat and eat only pure things so they are very peaceful.

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