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Eat pure meals and practice every day

Eat pure meals and practice every day

Recorded on: 21 May 2023

Morning program with Vishwaguruji from Oosterhout, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Bhajan singing. Guru is Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu at the same time. Vishwaguruji removes our false knowledge, replaces it with truth and supports us to develop. We should see positively the things without negative. Vishwaguruji shares his knowledge all over the world through Yoga in Daily Life. We are coming and going from life to life. Shiva holds everything in balance. We should always know, that we are human. Many old people can get closer and closer to God. A drop of water unites with the ocean. In this way, we can also reach God. Practising simple asanas in a sitting position. Eating meat brings bad karma to us. Eat pure meals, not meat, to have a healthy body. It is very good to be a vegan.

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