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Ragas and basics of Ayurveda

Ragas and basics of Ayurveda

Recorded on: 23 Jul 2023

Morning satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

There are many good people in Strilky Ashram from different countries. Madhavanandji also was in this place. We should go from time to time to the Strilky Ashram. Swami Madhuram is playing a raga in an Indian bansuri flute. This raga helped Buddha to start the way to spirituality. Christian people say amen at the end of their prayers, Muslim people say amin, Hindus say OM. They are dialects of each other. Many medical systems originated from Ayurveda. We have introduced some Ayurvedic disciplines and diagnostic methods. The word Bhagawan is consists of the first letters of the Sanskrit names of the five elements. There are also 108 junctions of nadis in our bodies.

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